​​​​​​​​​Software Assurance Training Vouchers
Microsoft Learning partners are the providers of choice to help customers boost their productivity through Software Assurance training benefits. ​With Software Assurance Training Vouchers, you can position yourself as a trusted learning advisor to your customers by providing ​instructor-led, technical classroom training developed by Microsoft experts. These in-depth IT courses are designed to help your customers staff, deploy, manage, support, and adopt new software.
Are you a customer with Software Assurance training benefits​​​?
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Software Assurance training benefits
Software Assurance (SA) training benefits help boost productivity by providing technical classroom training for IT professionals and developers, and opportunities to enhance end-user readiness—all designed to ensure effective and efficient deployment, management, support, and adoption of new Microsoft software without impacting training budgets.​​
Technical training​​
With SA technical training, customers get instructor-led, technical classroom training taught by a Microsoft Learning partner. Developed by Microsoft experts, these in-depth IT courses are designed to help ​staff deploy, manage, support, and adopt new software.
What are SATV benefits?​​
Customers receive a number of training days based on the amount of their qualifying Microsoft Office and/or Windows software licenses that are covered by SA. Customers can convert these days into SA training vouchers to attend select eligible technical courses for IT pro and developer training on Microsoft products, delivered by participating Microsoft Learning p​artners. Each SATV training day is worth the equivalent of one day of technical classroom training. The training vouchers are electronic, created by the customer in the Volume Licensing Service Center​​ (VLSC), and can be redeemed through any participating SATV Learning p​artner location worldwide.​
How partners benefit from SATV​​
  • More referrals, more business: the SATV program has the potential to drive thousands of days of instructor-led training to Learning partner organizations, allowing you to become the trusted learning advisor.
  • High-profile customer referrals: Microsoft Volume Licensing customers are Microsoft’s best customers and are established, mid-size and large organizations. Through SATV, Microsoft is driving solid business opportunities to your organization.
  • Up-sell business opportunity: every customer who comes through your door has the potential to bring future business to you through up-sell opportunities and referrals.
  • Advance the value of Learning partners: Learning partners are learning experts; the SATV program further identifies Learning partners as the training providers of choice for the most valuable Microsoft customers.
How customers benefit from SATV​​​​
  • Employee skill enhancement: improve productivity with training and support for IT staff. Prepare IT staff to efficiently deploy, manage, and support new software.
  • Reduced training costs: training is already included under SA coverage. SATV provides technical training for customers' IT pro and developer staff without impacting their budget.
  • Learning partner support: Learning partners help create an optimal training strategy for customers, helping them plan the most effective way to use training vouchers.
  • Guaranteed pricing: SA coverage includes set pricing for Learning partners; one training voucher day equals one classroom-training day.
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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Process overview
Below is an overview of the SATV process from beginning to end. If your partner organization is already enrolled in the SATV program,​ ​begin at step 3​ under Current partners.​
New partners
Current partners